Traffic Attorneys

Traffic Attorneys

traffic-and-dwi You are most likely here because you are in need of services from a traffic attorney. Here is some information you should find useful. While some traffic offenses, such as Driving While Impaired aka DWI, and Reckless Driving, are classified as misdemeanors, and some are classified as felonies, such as Hit and Run involving personal injury, most traffic offenses are classified as infractions. Unlike misdemeanors, which require you to appear in court and can result in fines and jail time if you are convicted, infractions involve only fines and do not require a court appearance. If you are issued a citation charging you with an infraction, the citation will include information as to the amount of the fine and court costs and instructions as to where you should mail your payment if you want to dispose of the charge without going to court. While that may seem like an easy way to take care of your traffic ticket, you should be aware that there are other costs involved that are not disclosed on the citation.

When a person disposes of a traffic ticket by mailing in the fine and court costs, he is admitting responsibility for the infraction and his payment of the fine and costs is treated as a conviction. A conviction for a traffic offense such as a speeding ticket will usually result in the assessment of both drivers license points and insurance points. The number of drivers license points assessed depends on the offense and range from 1, for minor moving violations, to 5, for passing a stopped school bus. When a person accumulates 12 drivers license pts, his license can be suspended for up to 60 days for the first suspension. A second suspension can be for up to 6 months and subsequent suspensions can be for up to one year each. Hiring a Traffic Attorney can help you reduce the penalty you will incur.

Speeding Ticket Lawyers

The effect on your car insurance is another reason to consult with a Speeding Ticket Lawyer. The number of insurance points assessed also depends on the violation. The maximum number of points assessed for a violation is 12, which are assessed for serious offenses such as DWI. The minimum number is 1 point, which is assessed for minor moving violations. Insurance points result in an increase in insurance premiums. If you are assessed 1 insurance point, your insurance premiums will increase 25%. Being assessed 12 insurance points will result in a 400% increase in premiums. Once you are assessed insurance points, the premium increases remain in effect for three years.

In many instances, it is possible to minimize or avoid the assessment of insurance points and to do so without having to go to court. Before you just pay off a speeding ticket, contact an attorney to discuss your situation. If you are charged with an infraction, the attorney will be able to appear in court for you and may be able to get the charges reduced so as to minimize the adverse economic and other consequences.

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